Should You Choose a Mausoleum Burial? 3 Reasons to Consider

Funeral planning involves a lot of details. You have to figure out where you’ll have the ceremony, when the best time to have the funeral is, and who should speak at the service. As you sort out all of these details, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important decisions: where you will bury and honor your loved one.

Sometimes, the deceased person you’re celebrating has chosen a plot in advance. Many times, however, you’ll be responsible for choosing his or her final resting place.

In this post, we expound on one kind of burial site: the mausoleum. A mausoleum is a small, stone building that houses entombed remains, the most famous of which is the Taj Mahal. We’ll also explain the things you should consider before you bury your family member in one. Read on to learn about mausoleums.

1. Mausoleums House Multiple Tombs or Crypts

Depending on where you live in the US, you can purchase a single crypt within a mausoleum for $4,000 and up.

Typically, the mausoleums where you can purchase crypts are located on a church or town property and offer visitor amenities like benches, foundations, gardens, and atriums. These amenities are a major cost benefit because they give family members a protected, quiet sanctuary to honor their deceased loved ones.

But what if, like so many people in your area, you come from a large, family with multiple generations still living? You likely would like to see all of your family members rest in peace near one another. In that case, the cost of a large, family plot or the recurring purchase of single and double crypts will add up.

Consider purchasing a private mausoleum for your family, which will not only house your recently deceased loved one but also create a place for all of your family to rest in peace together. The upfront cost may be significantly larger than a single plot or a single crypt. However, the overall cost can be distributed across different members of your family, reducing the overall cost for everyone.

2. Mausoleums Keep Entombed Remains Above Ground in One Location

When you bury a loved one in a mausoleum, his or her entombment stays above ground and in one specific area. As a result, you can lay several loved ones to rest in a small amount of space. Since many cemeteries are seeing land shortages, this benefit provides many families with peace of mind that they will have a place to put their loved ones to rest.

However, to ensure the condition of the mausoleum, families may need to purchase caskets with a protective sealant and a special valve to prevent pressure-related damage to the caskets and the crypts they rest in.

3. Mausoleums Are Designed to Include Four Kinds of Crypts

Many mausoleums range in size and height, but most private mausoleums contain six or seven layers of crypts. There are four main types of crypts.

Single crypts hold only one entombment, meaning they contain one person’s remains. Double crypts hold two entombments, such as the remains of a husband and wife. Tandem crypts contain two crypts, resting lengthwise. Companion crypts allow two entombments to rest side by side. Westminster crypts stack one entombment above the other.

At Elmwood Casket Company, we offer private mausoleums . These unique, gorgeous resting places are a great alternative for family members who would like to be buried together or for people who want to honor their deceased loved one in a dramatic, demonstrative way. Contact us to get a free estimate for your loved one’s private mausoleum burial.

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