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Company History

Elmwood Casket Company and Elmwood Cemetery Memorials are divisions of Elmwood Cemetery, Incorporated. Established in 1921, Elmwood Cemetery is rich in Hammond and Northwest Indiana history. It now encompasses 60 acres with over 30,000 burials.

Elmwood Cemetery began selling memorials in the 1970s inside our cemetery only. We then expanded in 1985 to other local cemeteries. I was hired full time in 1991 as a Memorial Counselor. I fully expanded our operation for the continental United States in 1994. I continue to have memorials delivered all over the country. We have thousands of satisfied customers. On August 14, 2000, Elmwood Cemetery gave its Monument Division the proper name it deserved, Elmwood Cemetery Memorials.

“The more we buy, the better the price. The better the price, the more savings we can pass on to our families.”
flowers on headstone

How We Began

Elmwood Casket Company began after the passing of my grandmother in 1994. I felt the casket I chose from the Funeral Home was overpriced. It turned out there was a huge markup. That is when I began looking at selling caskets on a wholesale level. After all my research, I finally found a casket supplier. I began selling caskets directly to families on February 15, 2000, and established Elmwood Casket Company on August 14, 2000. Elmwood then expanded to a second location in Schererville, Indiana on June 5, 2004.

Offering a Great Product at Reasonable Prices

Elmwood Casket Company is still one of the few retail casket companies left to serve the Chicago area. We began in 2000, but understand that we must change with the times. We are receiving acclaim across Chicagoland for offering a great product at reasonable prices. We have increased to six separate casket suppliers. We look at new casket lines with new suppliers on a regular basis in this ever-changing environment. In addition to our two large showrooms, we also have a 3,500 square foot warehouse with additional space when needed.

People think that today’s casket prices are much higher than in 2000. This is true at the funeral home. However, due to our ability to buy in bulk and our ever-changing inventory, our prices have remained relatively unchanged in 8 years. We look forward to serving your family now, or in the future. Please give my staff a call if you have any questions.

Michael Gozdecki,
President Elmwood Cemetery, Inc.

Serving Families with Quality Merchandise at Affordable Prices