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18-Gauge Metal Casket

When you need the perfect casket for someone you love who recently passed away, Elmwood Casket Company is here for you. We create each of our caskets—including our 18-gauge metal caskets—to perfectly fit your deceased loved one. We offer many caskets in a variety of colors and styles so you can find the perfect price, model and material for your needs.

casket with white gloves and flowers on top

18-Gauge Metal Caskets

Our 18-gauge steel caskets are durable and made to last. They make the perfect memorial for your loved one who recently passed away. Regardless of the casket model you choose, we’re committed to providing you with high-quality caskets made from the best possible materials. We serve everyone who comes to us with compassion and empathy.

We also know that you’re going through an incredibly difficult time, and we don’t want to place any strain on your finances. Our services and products are often more affordable than those of funeral homes.

Qualified Experience and Recommendations

Our family business has served bereaved family members since 1921. We have the experience to answer all of your questions and recommend the right 18-gauge metal caskets for your loved one’s funeral.

To ask us any questions or learn more about which casket will suit your needs and budget, please fill out the form on the left-hand side or call 219-844-7009.

Serving Families with Quality Merchandise at Affordable Prices