Slant Memorials come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.

Standard Companion Slants come every six inches in length including 30″, 36:, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″ and up can be made. The standard current depth used to be 12″ but today, standard slants are 10″wide. In term of height, 16″ is standard, but 12″, 14″, 18″ and up can be made.

In terms of styles, there are two kinds.

  • Standard slant: A standard slant has a nosing on the front of the stone. This area is below the polished face and can vary.
  • Western style: This is where the polish of the slant goes to the bottom of the slant. You typically only go with a Western Slant (DUKAS) if you have a base under it.

In terms of finishes, standard slants come with a polish face, sawed back (smooth, but not polished), rough top and ends. You can make anything steeled (see above) or even polish the entire slant (KOCIAN). This is an extra expense, but sometimes worth it if you are looking for a certain shine to the memorial.

In regards to bases under slants, it can be added if permitted by the cemetery. Each cemetery is unique as to the size permitted. However, we typically add 6″ to each end of the slant and 2″ in front and in back. For example, if a slant measuring 36 inches long and 10 inches deep was selected, we would use a 48 inch by 14 inch base. However, please keep in mind that we can do any size base under the slant, cemetery permitting.

Companion Slant Designs

Companion Slants

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