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Customized Funeral Headstones

When you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, it’s overwhelming to think about making funeral arrangements or choosing practical little details, like casket style or headstone shape. Elmwood Cemetery Memorials is here to guide you through this difficult time with compassionate, experienced service to make the process as simple as possible.

Choosing a Headstone

Choosing a headstone is a painful process, but the results will last far longer than these early days of grief. It’s worth the effort to carefully plan for a design that will honor your loved one in perpetuity. Granite, quartz, and marble are traditional materials with versatility in shape and engravings. Modern headstones can also be made from slate, sandstone, bronze, limestone or fieldstone. All of these materials can be shaped to include reliefs, sculptures, and other features beyond a basic square.

An upright headstone is easy to see from a distance and can be shaped into more than a simple rectangle (see the gallery below). A flat headstone is another common style that’s set flush with the ground like a stepping stone. Both styles can include a curbed area for flowers or insets to hold vases.

In Your Own Words

When you’ve chosen the appropriate material and style, the next details make the headstone personal and special in a way that celebrates not only the loved one who has passed but also cherished relationships. Elmwood Cemetery Memorials offers custom engravings that can include traditional elements, such as full name and dates. You may want to include a short inscription from a favorite poem or song or an epitaph to honor their life achievements. To honor the entire family, we often suggest including the names of a spouse or children as beloved members of the family unit. Finally, sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. Our team can help you design a headstone with a physical photograph of your family and/or your loved one. We can also arrange for symbolic carvings in shapes or patterns that mean something special to you and your family.

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