For Cemetery Information, Please Call 219-844-7077.

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When a loved one passes away, many people want to commemorate them as soon as they can. As with everything, COVID-19 has effected the way we do business at Elmwood Cemetery Memorials. In March we closed our doors to the public. As with everything else, we are reopening, but it is a slow process.

Meanwhile we used technology to our advantage. We’ve worked hard to help our families move ahead with purchasing and designing a monument despite the conditions. Everything can be done via email and the internet. We can send contracts, sign contracts and approve designs.

The process from start to finish for the stone itself can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks. But that is just for things on our end – signing a contract, making a payment, choosing a design and approving the final design. The stone is then sent to a manufacturer for engraving.

In a perfect world six weeks to have the monument installed wouldn’t be unheard of. But right now, with COVID-19, all bets are off the table. Monument manufacturers receive the granite and make the magic happen. However it doesn’t happen overnight. Once the manufacturers finish the product, it is returned to the dealer. It is then delivered to the cemetery – but only when the cemetery is ready for it.

As a memorial dealer we are at the mercy of the cemeteries. Every cemetery has its own rules and regulations. They must approve the initial stone and prepare the grave. Most cemeteries pour a concrete foundation under the stone. Once everything is approved and ready on the cemetery side, we can deliver your monument.

COVID-19 is hindering our process. Some cemeteries are closed. Some monument manufacturers are closed. It’s a frustrating time for everyone. We are still getting everything ready on our end. And businesses are now starting to reopen. Our hope is when they receive the green light, they will make the magic happen, quickly. So please hang in there and bear with us. Our number one priority is making the customer happy. We are here for you.