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Elm pre-arrangement

When a loved one dies, it is such a stressful time for the family. There is so much information given to the family when they are in mourning. It’s all a blur. Often, families rush to make decisions or spend too much money. They worry about what their loved ones would have wanted. They hope that they are making the right decisions, while stressing out over so many details. It’s horrible. If you haven’t been through it, you may think how bad can it be? But if you have been through it, you know. It’s exhausting.

To prevent this, many times people decide to prearrange their funeral. Everything can be selected, chosen and paid for prior to someone passing away. It eliminates stress. It eliminates the unknown. And best of all, it locks in costs at today’s prices. It is a great avenue for many to choose.

In this new COVID-19 area, many people are looking toward the future. They simply want to be prepared. If you’re having these thoughts, they are perfectly normal. And we are here to help you. We can help you with everything from selecting a grave at Elmwood Cemetery in Hammond to purchasing a casket, vault, urn, headstone and even paying for final engraving. If you’re being buried at Elmwood, you can also prepay for the burial costs.

Our website gives you many selections in terms of caskets and vaults. It also shows you some headstones we have done in the past. We also have two showrooms with caskets and monuments on display if you’re not comfortable making your selection online.

When choosing Elmwood, you are choosing affordable options. We do not pay commission, so our products are priced to benefit the consumer. We are here to help you. All preneed contracts can be paid in full, or you may put a percentage down and make monthly interest-free payments. We will set up a plan that works best with your budget.

Many people are worried that the Funeral Home will deny the casket if they do not buy it directly from them. But the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule allows you to buy merchandise elsewhere. The Funeral Home must accept it.

Here is a link to the FTC’s Funeral Rule.

Elmwood Casket Company is not here to ruffle feathers or get anyone upset. Our mission is simple: to help the consumer. We want you to be happy, satisfied and save some money.

We know that in-person meetings are not an option for many right now. We understand. And we are here to help you. We can walk you through our website and the process over the phone. We can then mail paperwork to you. You can send it back with a signature and a check. It’s that simple.

Feel free to reach out to our staff in Hammond or Schererville with your questions. We are here for you.